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NEVER BEFORE (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice)

Somebody, somebody come to my side
I'm tired, I'm crying, I'm sick inside.
My woman that woman
Just wasn't right

Help me now, please my friend
I never felt so bad before
Never never before.

So funny, so funny just like a show
One name - two people all in a row
Somebody, somebody, someone must go.

I was hurt when I was younger
By a woman who was cold.
She took my name, she took my body
Then she threw away my soul.

Can't hide, I can't hide my misery
I know my sorrow won't set me free.
She did it, just see, she did it to me

Help me now, please my fried
I'd never felt so bad before
Never never before.

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